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Hand forged ironwork. Traditional methods.
Bespoke Ironwork
Conservation & Restoration
Heritage Consultation

At Garstang forge we combine age old techniques with a modern approach to turn your ideas into Heirloom-quality creations that will be cherished for generations to come.


One of the biggest benefits of Hand forged items is that everyone piece of wrought ironwork is unique. Every inch of the piece has had a pair of eyes run over and carefully consider if its up to snuff. Each creation tells its own story, often blending the old and the new.


Whether functional, decorative or both we are happy to work with you to create bespoke ironwork to fit your needs, shaping metal to breath life into your vision.

From from ornate gates and railings to custom furniture and decorative objects, we are eager to put our traditional skills to work for you.

With a passion for preserving the traditions and skills of the past we find immense joy in the protection and restoration of the historic ironwork that the UK has been known for, through centuries, is well crafted and durable, but it will not last forever.


This is especially true now that the methods and craftsmen to properly maintain it are not nearly as common as they once were, and that most folk are unaware that there are still a few of us left, who can do the work.


We are excited to work on any Historic ironwork using the traditional methods, whether all it needs is a lick of paint or it really needs bringing back to life!

At Garstang forge we have a wealth of knowledge and experience with heritage ironwork. we can offer guidance and advice for your unique challenges. Whether are restoring abuilding with vulnerable ironmongery, or you have a rusty railing in your front garden that needs some TLC.

We can also provide advice for how Ironwork interact with other historic building materials such as Masoned Stone or timber framing. Whatever the issue, We are ready to provide our insights and advice tailored to your specific needs.

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